The Lizard Brain

June 04, 2021  •  4 Comments

StairwayStairwayNorthampton, Massachusetts Stairs
Northampton, NH
(Thanks to Alex Kunz for fixing it for me!*)

The ideas for this post came to me at 2am last night. The lines were well thought out, points were clear and concise and you would have loved it.  Unfortunately, they didn't survive until 7am. I'll do the best I can with what's left. 

When I used to travel for work I always, inevitably, had trouble sleeping the first night. The unfamiliar surroundings lent a sense of unease in my subconscious even though I may have felt perfectly safe. I've since learned that this is because our deep inner-brain, our reptilian brain is still active: I think Jim Morrison referred to it as the Lizard brain but I attribute a lot of odd, lizard stuff to Jim Morrison. It keeps a look-out when alerted by strange places, noises, activities. In our reptilian brain are the primal instincts of fight-or-flight, reproduction, feeding, and general survival. It keeps and eye out for us which we pay for with difficult sleep. 

A few neurons down the street from the Lizard brain, I believe, is a closet. In that closet we toss in thoughts and ideas, mental pictures, words, smells, tastes and other sorts of things that we collect on our life's journey. Most of this collection is taken in subconsciously; a book cover's artwork, a bakery aroma, or a musical passage is caught in passing and stored without even thinking about it. Something in our psyche was triggered and that thing was captured and stored in our little closet that resides down the street from the Lizard brain. 

And then...

And then you have a Wednesday morning coffee with some kindred spirit like Jodie Hulden where arcane subjects like books of photographic art and printing are discussed and days later at 2am you wake and pick the lock on that little closet down the street from the Lizard brain and out pours a flood of thoughts related to that Wednesday morning coffee. Ideas swirl and form and fade away so now, at 8:28am, I fumble to grasp all those wonderful and artistic projects that seemed crystal clear just hours ago. 

I have re-claimed some ideas I have on small books. I tend to do large books via Blurb. I think doing smaller books, both in size and pages is something I'd like to do.  Jodie has produced some beautiful works of single subject photography that I've found inspiring. Just now, thinking about it, I must have dozens of collections of like subjects that could be turned into 30-page booklets, short stories vice novels if you will. 

This post is an attempt to get this down before that closet door closed firmly once again.  Stay tuned...


*Alex did some Lightroom Transform tool work on the stairs to correct tilting in the rightmost spindles. In my defense the Transform tool was not available in LR when I created the image. But, I owe him.  It's unfortunate that this image is already in one of those Blurb "novels" and I cannot let that book exist without a corrected Stairs image. Sigh...





Todd Henson(non-registered)
I know that feeling all too well, of waking with a brief moment of complete clarity, everything makes sense, it's all right there and I've got a hold on it.... and then 10 minutes later it's already a foggy blur and an hour later I'm lucky to just remember the feeling of total clarity. But clarity about what?!?!? Makes me wonder sometimes if any of it was real or if all that's real is just the "thought" that it had been real, something to tempt us so we keep striving to remember, thinking there's something more out there worth discovering, or rediscovering. It's a survival mechanism to keep us inspired and moving forward.

As for books, I applaud you for creating them. One of these days I'd like to try making one.
This stunning picture very much reminds me of the stairway located in the Hilltop House Hotel in Harper's Ferry West Virginia. I've styed there several times in my life and it is a place quite unlike anywhere else I have ever seen,
Alexander S. Kunz(non-registered)
Are you saying that you only have ONE closet down the hall from the lizard brain?! And everything goes into it? I feel like I've got multiple ones, and they randomly switch positions and the combination of their locks! :P

Sorry for ruining that book for you. Back in the good old days(tm) one had to use a separate software to fix perspective. On Windows, I paid for one that was called PTLens. It was more exciting back then than it is today. ;)
T.M. Schultze(non-registered)
When you travel for work, you might have be feeling the roadhouse blues, while staying in Morrison Hotel, feeling like every sleepless night is five to one during some very strange days, until you break on through to the other side and somebody lights your fire and next thing you know, you are on some crystal ship saying this is the end, the end, my friend.
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