Moving SW2NE - Random Thoughts 3

August 03, 2021  •  9 Comments

Hay BaleHay BaleLa Mesa, California
The Hay Bale that Fell to Earth
Somewhere, North Dakota

I have no doubt that North Dakota is the windiest state in the lower 48. We drove nearly the entire length, from the Montana border to Fargo and the wind never stopped; gas mileage dropped like that legendary hay bale that fell from the sky (look it up!). We stopped in Fargo for lunch because Katherine found on their web site that they had 18 Things to do in Fargo! Eighteen, not just 2 more? The one that sounded like something we could do was have a rattlesnake bratwurst at a restaurant whose name I've since forgotten. We sat outside in a pretty intense sun accompanied by wind of course. Buddy crawled under the picnic table and slept. 
I've never had rattlesnake before and I'll trust that it was rattlesnake, actually rattlesnake-rabbit bratwurst and I don't know the snake-to-rabbit ratio but to me it tasted like any other bratwurst I've had in the past. No ill effects and the beer was tasty.
Leaving Fargo we headed due south to South Dakota, conveniently tucked under North Dakota. We spent the night in Sioux Falls before heading into Iowa and points east. 

Hay and HillHay and HillNorth Dakota
Hay and a Hill
Somewhere else, North Dakota


Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Love that first image and title!!!
I've had rabbit but not rattlesnake and therefore no rattlesnake-rabbit bratwurst either. And, yes, the wind does blow up in that part of the country, even down into the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle area. Trees grow at a 60 degree angle down there. Bad hair country.
Sounds like you were at Würst Bier Hall.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I've actually had rattlesnake while living in Arizona, and I know it was real because I saw it grilled. :-) I don't recall exactly what it tasted like now, but I don't recall it having any strangely unique flavor, though I did enjoy it. Eating the "steaks" was a bit like some fish with all the little bones along its spine. I certainly would have enjoyed trying the bratwurst, even if it did taste like any other. :-)
“Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky.” Willa Cather from Death Comes for the Archbishop
I've always loved this quote.
I think Willa Cather would like "Hay Bale that Fell from the Sky". I think it's a fabulous photo.
I fully agree with Peter. This is extraordinary, nothing left to wish for. Perfect.
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