Moving SW2NE - Random Thoughts 4

August 21, 2021  •  6 Comments

La Mesa, California
Iowa - non-stop corn
Somewhere along Interstate 80

Turning east from South Dakota we entered Iowa and corn country.

But first, let me get this out of the way: I hate candy corn. Of all the wonderful and creative uses for corn, candy corn is undoubtably the most ill conceived, unhealthy and tasteless. Yet, we have miles upon miles of corn crops, tens of millions of ears and each year around October we see how it's wasted in filling plastic bags, decorated with ghouls and ghosts; stacked high in every supermarket in the nation. An epidemic.  

Upon entering Iowa the land slowly transformed to rolling green fields of corn which were surprisingly peaceful and bucolic once I stopped fretting on how much of this would be candied come October. Katherine took the wheel seeing I was sweating and mumbling a lot and I, rather dreamily, saw Iowa as a dark green, shag carpet of knee high corn. It's impossible for a fellow from the southwest to imagine all this corn in one place. And, it's not just Iowa, this crop spreads all the way to the east coast! Not as plentiful as in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, but IT'S EVERYWHERE!  If corn were to ever become sentient, well, look out folks, there's an ear with your name on it. 

So, if you're into green this is the place for you. I'm often amazed that people can and have lived everywhere. We adapt, even to green fields that extend for miles, we adapt. After hours upon hours of passing green field after green field it became mind numbingly tedious. But, it stays with you, this mass of green and you realize there is much more than what you can see out a car window whizzing by on the interstate. It's worth a second visit, perhaps in early October when the candy corn is being harvested. 


Linda Grashoff(non-registered)
If you want to get more depressed about corn, read Michael Pollan's <em>The Omnivore's Dilemma</em> or this shorter piece: And yes, Mark, it's subsidized. But I still like your photograph, Joe.
I love the idea of big farms, not big Ag. I am pretty sure this beauty in the form of a monoculture is not ecologically sound or sustainable. Beauty is as beauty does.!
As usual your photo had a surprising element. Unusual to see a hill in what has been described many places as flat middle America fly over country.

We now know of your fear and hatred for candy corn. What are you views on the All American Corn Dog?

Did you actually stop to eat fresh Iowa corn? Was it better than what we get in the supermarket? Do they have Popcorn stands along the way and other uses for corn (ethanol gas) there?

Finally, in addition to Lobster, Maine is known for potato's so will we get a similar work celebrating the common spud, now that you are there?
Todd Henson(non-registered)
I don't know what to say to this one... :-) Gives a whole new meaning to the title of that horror book and movie, Children of the Corn. Maybe that's what happens when it does become sentient. And what a sinister plot turning it all into candy corn each year to help ensure it keeps spreading.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
My only experiences of Iowa was driving through the southwest corner of state and flying over it. I am well aware of the abundance of corn fields and our misuse of corn. However, they can make some amazing baseball fields in these corn fields and a movie. I do like this image!!
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