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Yellowstone National Park
Worship Service at the Altar of Spewing Water
Yellowstone National Park*

I wish I could wax long and lovingly about Yellowstone National Park. When we were there it was easy to find places to love, but hard to see them. The crowds were a three-days-before-Christmas mall frenzy.  One family said they've been coming every year for seven years and this was the worse they'd seen. 

We entered via the south gate after spending some relaxing time in Grand Teton NP with the intent of making our way thru the park and out the west entrance where we'd be camping in Idaho.  It was early and we roamed using the map to get us around from iconic scene to iconic scene; from crowd to crowd and congestion to congestion.  

As we left we decided that the next day we'd just find a place by the river and spend our time inhaling nature and letting the park come to us. And that we did. A much more relaxing time.  And yet, the draw of those 'hot spots' is hard to resist, especially upon the first visit. So, before we left that second day we drove out to the Grand Prismatic Spring and waited in a long line of cars entering the parking lot and then circling it like vultures over a carcass. We were very fortunate to have someone pull out from the front row just as we were approaching. Karma payback for some good deed I suppose. 

Anyway, I do have a handful of photos to share, nothing other than documenting that we were there, nothing that you haven't seen on some past nature show. 

Cloud with PinesCloud with PinesYellowstone National Park
Relaxing by the Yellowstone River
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Grand Prismatic Spring (ground level)
Yellowstone National Park

We did not climb to the overlook to see the Grand Prismatic Spring from above like so many others do. For one, I was half way thru the boardwalk before I realized it was up there and not down here, second being that since we had Buddy one of us had to stay and dog sit while the other did the tour. Then we switched, so it would have been a long and boring time if you were the dog sitter. 

Grand Prismatic QuartetGrand Prismatic QuartetYellowstone NP
Grand Prismatic Quartet

Guess where...

Because I didn't do the overlook I decided to photograph the surrounding formations in the spring.  I think they make a nice quartet. 


*I usually add the state where the photo was taken but since Yellowstone lies in 3 states I just left it out. Feel free to pick Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming (okay, it's Wyoming). 


Mark Graf(non-registered)
The quartet is wonderful - almost worth fighting through a crowd to obtain such a collection.
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
I vote yes on the quartet, also. It's been several years since I visited Yellowstone of the Tetons. Both are are lovely places but I keep my distance because of the crowds. I prefer the quieter places you mentioned. I'm pleased with your images you brought home. Maybe get in the tower next time.
Linda Grashoff(non-registered)
I'll never make it to Yellowstone, so I'm grateful that you brought it to me. I'm especially glad that you photographed the Grand Prismatic Spring, the long view and the details. The bacterial films I photograph are not made by thermophile bacteria, but my interest in them makes me feel close to what you photographed at Grand Prismatic Spring.
Todd Henson(non-registered)
Despite the difficulty of creating anything not already seen millions of times I think you've succeeded in putting yourself into these. Relaxing by the Yellowstone River isn't something I typically see from folks after visiting Yellowstone and it very much has your signature to it. Nicely done. And that quartet is also fascinating. I've never been to Yellowstone and there's a good chance I'll never make it, so I appreciate getting these views, ones perhaps a little less shared than the iconic views.

I find the older I get the less I'm drawn to those iconic views, though as you said, they are still hard to resist at least the first time through a location. But the growing crowds do help when trying to resist. :-)
Tom Dills(non-registered)
This is a wonderful collection of images and ones to be proud of. I've not visited Yellowstone and as much as I want to, the crowds are something I'll need to reconcile. Perhaps a winter or off-season visit for me. No matter that you didn't capture the "icons" but you did see things that a lot of visitors would never notice.
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