A Personal-size State

September 18, 2021  •  7 Comments

Small Fleet in Fog
Cape Porpoise, Maine

What seems a long time ago, Pizza Hut introduced personal pan pizza, a small one-portion (yeah, right) pizza.  It became a favorite back when eating right was a foreign concept.  Which is a clumsy way to segue into Canyonlands National Park.  When I first visited Canyonlands I saw it as a personal-size Grand Canyon; much easier to visit and get around, fewer crowds, and thus less congestion. I was a fan from the first hour.
Which is a clumsy way to segue into Maine, which I now tend to think of as a personal-size state.  If California were the Grand Canyon then Maine is Canyonlands.  Though there are just as many sights and doings here in Maine as in the much larger California, for reasons yet understood it seems more do-able.  Maine is the largest of the New England states and is by no means pocket-size but coming from a state which covered the majority of the Pacific coast it seems very manageable. 


Todd Henson(non-registered)
That's a fascinating train of thought. I can't say I'd had similar thoughts, but have had similar feelings, just never put them together into anything cohesive. I like the smaller, more personal (and less congested) areas. And every time I've been to Maine I've had similar feelings to yours. And that photo is a perfect example of that.
T.M. Schultze(non-registered)
Counter: I always had to order 3 of those personal pan pizzas haha. Oh, and Maine looks very nice.
Quite the peaceful view Joe, and really speaks "Maine" to me, even though I have only been there once. However, I have seen enough images, watched enough TV and movies to know the marinas and somber atmosphere of the place. I hope to go back again soon, it was a nice trip the first time around and much too short.
Interesting comparison. When I went to Canyonlands,, I much preferred the smaller end which is Dead Horse Utah State Park,

Where in Maine are you living ? Close to the beach? More inland? In a large city? Suburb? Countryside? How has the transition been from San Diego big city life? How about the ace of life? Is life slower/faster on the right coast?
Tom Dills(non-registered)
I'm very much looking forward to seeing your "personal-sized" state for myself. So far we've enjoyed Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, but I told Kathy today that once we get north of Boston tomorrow I think we'll like the coast even more.
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