Boothbay Harbor

September 24, 2021  •  5 Comments

Morning in Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

This post is less about the lovely harbor town of Boothbay and more about meeting, in person, my well traveled friend, Tom Dills and his wife Kathy. Tom was one of those invisible friends I mentioned in a previous blog. The two are traveling New England as part of their quest to see and photograph all 50 states, New England being the final section of the continental U.S. to be conquered. I'm glad we moved to Maine just in time to greet them!  So, who's next?

 I did manage to find a few scenes to photograph while there:

Boothbay Quad
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Mornng GlowMornng GlowBoothbay Harbor, Maine Lobster Traps in Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay, Maine

Footbridge Across Boothbay Harbor
Boothbay, Maine

Hey! I know what you're thinking, I noticed it to: They're all in color! What gives? Where are those incredible B&Ws we're usually rewarded with for clicking on your annoying e-mails? Well, they're coming, soon I hope. 


Todd Henson(non-registered)
Looks like a great location for a meet-up, with plenty of character to explore. Certainly a bit different from out west. And I enjoyed JC's comments about the light from the perspective of someone who's color blind. Even for those who aren't it can be difficult to describe.
Tom Dills(non-registered)
I usually enjoy being invisible, but it was great to meet another virtual friend in person! It's interesting how we were both out wandering around at the same time, didn't see each other until the very end, and ended up seeing entirely different things.

There are a lot of interesting scenes in and around Boothbay, and I am developing an attachment to the state of Maine. Although I'm sure winter would dissuade me from actually pulling up my North Carolina stakes!

You've got some nice shots from your short visit and I look forward to seeing more.
Very enjoyable shots for sure. The look of the natural light is very different in Maine vs the look of the natural light in the West. I'm colored blind so I can't explain it in terms of colors or hues. But there is a definite difference. Perhaps others could better put it into words that fully color appreciating people will understand. It's not better, and it's not worse, just different..... So the reaction to the photos is different. Maybe its as if you switched cameras or switched lens or moved from Nikon to Sony or Canon. I can't put my finger on why the shots appear different than shots you have taken of similar subjects in the West. But they just are.

I feel helplessly inadequate to explain this- like a 3 year old, who when asked why, can't explain why and just says...because....
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Glad you guys were able to meet up. I've had the opportunity to meet up with Tom and Kathy also as well as others. Looks like a beautiful place for a meet up.
Yes, I was surprised, but enjoying your color images of Maine!
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