Morning Walk

September 14, 2021  •  3 Comments

North Berwick, ME Top of the Hill
North Berwick, ME

Many homes here are surrounded by an acre or two so unlike the suburbs they stand out and catch the morning light and that catches me. This home on the top of Fox Farm Hill Rd. is across the street from a trailhead where I parked to walk Buddy this morning. I like the contrast and the oddly shaped clouds. 

North Berwick, ME
Branch with Clouds
North Berwick, ME

Again, just some interesting contrast.

North Berwick, ME
Star Garage
North Berwick, ME

North Berwick, ME

North Berwick, ME Barn with Pumpkin
North Berwick, ME

North Berwick, ME I did
North Berwick, ME

Every road seems to be lined with rock fences but most are overgrown and hidden in trees and bushes.

North Berwick, ME
The occasional tree lined meadow
North Berwick, ME

Now and then a flock of turkeys will roam about in these meadows.

MariaMariaNorth Berwick, ME
Maria's Final Resting Place for the last 141 years
North Berwick, ME

There are a surprising number of family burial plots here. Most have 4-6 headstones and nearly all from the 19th century. In some you can see they are tended to but most I've come across are left for time and the elements to care for them. 



Todd Henson(non-registered)
Barn with Pumpkin. You made me look. And look. And look. But I did eventually find it. :-)
M Roberts(non-registered)
Nice work, but the best view is from the Farm on Ford Quint Rd. Biased yes, but the view is to the ocean on the horizon. My fav is the barn w/the pumpkins-I admire the color contrast and the lines. Second favorite is the Chadbourn cemetery. Roberts & Chadbourn are related (go figure). Back when I was a kid the Chadbourn Farm was all but a memory but they still had the land. I remember the development that followed and all the fertile land being consumed by progress. Thanks for sharing the beauty of N. Berwick!
Monte Stevens(non-registered)
Wonderful series and looks like a great place to walk, wander, meander, stroll and such. And, there is something about cemeteries and those gravestones that catch my attention.
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